Who We Are

Whittier Presbyterian and Salem Lutheran Churches are on an adventure!We have joined in a partnership for worship and ministry. Whittier Presbyterian Church moved out of their buildings and moved in with Salem Lutheran.

We look forward to new ministry, new life and new hope.

If you have been looking for a church, but can't quite find something that feels right...

If you think the excitement of helping start something new outweighs the uncertainty...

If you want to be part of building a new worshipping community, yet still be grounded in tradition….

If you are looking for a family that invites, welcomes, and accepts you and all of your identity 🏳️‍🌈...

If two small congregations starting over and open to others starting over, sounds like a place for you...

We’d love to have you,

Come Join Us as we discover a new calling and a new life through Christ.

(In the interest of being fully transparent, we also want to acknowledge that churches often make these statements and then fail to follow through for some marginalized populations, particularly disabled people. We are presently working on a review of our physical building to ensure accessibility for all. But that means that at this moment it is possible that some areas may not be fully accessible YET. If you have any accessibility concerns do not hesitate to ask.)

Salem Lutheran is Affiliated with the ELCA denomination and Whittier Presbyterian is affiliated with the PC(USA) denomination. (The next project for the website will be drafting a statement of faith, however we affirm the doctrines of our respective traditions and invite you to visit their websites to learn more www.elca.org and www.pcusa.org)

We are pastored by the Rev. Maggie Goodwin (she/her) who accepted a call to become our Pastor in February of 2020.

Pastor Maggie came to us from Seattle Washington where she served at Wallingford United Methodist Church and was a member of Maplewood Presbyterian Church in Edmonds, WA. Maggie grew up in First Presbyterian Church of Walla Walla, WA  and served in the Young Adult Volunteer Program of the PC(USA)  in Miami, FL. While completing her M.Div at the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology her integrative project focused on disgust psychology and how Jesus confronts and challenges our domains of disgust. In their spare time, Maggie and her spouse Daniel (he/him) enjoy engaging in game nights with friends, advocacy work, and live theater. The photo is from their wedding, as you might guess, Pastor Maggie's favorite color is green.